Sugar Industry Equipment

We offer energy saving and modern sugar industry equipment for the sugar industry i.e. Falling Film Evaporator, Direct Contact Heaters, Condensate Flashing System, Pan Automation System, Condensers,  Carbonatation System, Cascade Continuous Pan etc. which are a part of highly efficient modern sugar factories.

With 50+ years of experience, our team delivered 2500+ projects in 40+ countries.

New Raw Sugar Refineries

IPRO Engineering group references
Studen-Agrana Sugar Refinery, Brcko, Bosnia Herzegovina
Capacity                             ~550 t/day
Our Services:                    Basic Engineering
                                            Detail Engineering
                                            Supervision of installation and commissioning

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Pan Automation JDW Sugar
Energy efficiency project

Plant revamp JDW Sugar Mills Ltd, Pakistan

In the year 2010, JDW Sugar Mills Ltd (JDW) a 20,000 tcd cane sugar plant with backend refinery obtained services from IPRO to bring down high steam consumption (52.60% on cane) of the plant along with capacity increase and cogeneration. During the plant audit IPRO identified various operational and equipment inefficiencies and suggested to reach the target in two phases to lower the investment burden and to use savings of first phase as investment for second phase.

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With 50+ years of experience, our team delivered 1700+ projects in 40+ countries.