Piping & Mechanical Design

Piping Mechanical Design

Piping & Mechanical Design

Piping and Mechanical Design

IPRO INDIA carefully selects the machines and apparatus required for an industrial plant. 

We work as Client’s own engineer . Our piping & mechanical design services include detailed equipment layout design for a green field project as well as existing plants. These include conveying routes, piping design, platforms, walkways for inspection and maintenance.

We use High-end tools for visualization and coordination of design data. AUTOCAD for plant layouts, AUTOCAD 3D for as-built 3D site plans and SP3D for piping design are used. Various alternatives for plant layout concepts are prepared for existing as well as new plants.

Apart from the above, we prepare specification of equipment, tendering, comparison of bid documents and consulting in negotiation with selected bidders. We review supplier drawings for machine and plants.

Construction supervision, construction management and coordination is done as per the requirement


Piping and Mechanical Design
Piping and Mechanical Design


  • Integration of new elements into existing plants or extension of plants
  • Creation of 3D as-built site plans and diagrams
  • Development of piping concepts
  • Piping design including isometric drawings on the basis of detailed layout
  • Low pressure piping for products, vapours, condensate, chemicals etc.
  • High pressure piping in power plants
  • Piping stress analysis for steam and high-pressure piping

Industry Equipments

IPROINDIA’s we offer energy saving and modern equipment for the sugar industry i.e. Falling Film Evaporator, Direct Contact Heaters, Condensate Flashing System, Pan Automation System, Condensers,  Carbonatation System, Cascade Continuous Pan etc. which are a part of highly efficient modern sugar factories.