PAN Automation System

Pan plus  PAN Automation System

Pan Automation

The Pan Automation System is an innovative system to optimize the pan process. Pan plus automation system handles the whole strike from evacuation to discharge fully automatic, leaving no space for any operational flaw due to any human error. The system keeps the crystallization process stable throughout the strike to minimize false grain formation. It prevents unrequired water used for washing the false grain which in return prevents all the negative cascade effects at the pan station.

With increasing cane price and comparably decreasing sugar price, sugar manufacturing companies are in continuous pressure to optimize the sugar production cost. With up to 60% of the steam consumption, the sugar house is the natural selection when working into the possible optimization. Automation of the pan station plays a vital role in the optimization of the pan house.

In most of the sugar factories, the crystallization process still has no or inadequate automation. This causes a lot of inefficiencies in the crystallization process. One of the major drawbacks of the manual or semi automatic pan automation is false grain formation, which has negative cascading effects like additional water/steam requirement, longer strike, additional vapours to condensate, additional power, etc. Water addition to the pans can cause 2-20% more exhaust steam requirement. Additionally, more man power is required.

Pan Autmonation System
Pan Automation System
Pan Automation JDW Sugar

Benefits of Pan Automation

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Better pan station management
  • Man power optimization
  • Almost no false grain formation
  • Saves 2-5 tons water per batch
  • Exhaust steam saving of 4-5 % on cane possible
  • Shorter pan strikes
  • Better pan capacity utilization
  • Less sugar recirculation due to better CV of sugar
  • Less sugar colour due to shorter boiling time
  • Supersaturation based automatic seeding
  • Mass balance based feed to the continuous pan
  • Crystal size & quantity control
  • Less vapours to the condensers; injection water & power saving
  • Easy to operate / user friendly system

Design Features and Advantages

  • World class automation system
  • Single or redundant system as per requirement
  • Analog signals with HART protocol
  • Easily expandable
  • Data archiving
  • Easy maintenance and diagnostic
  • Remote monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Easy hook up with third party system
  • Communication through PROFIBUS / PROFINET network

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