The quality of the seed material fed to the massecuite pans plays an important role in the product quality and performance of the pan station.  The Seed Cooling Crystalliser Crystal plus is an add on technology for the classical crystal grain pan. In order to optimize the pan station and to improve the sugar quality, the Crystal plus is used to produce uniform crystal seed.

IPROINDIA offers Crystal plus with latest technology to develop a uniform grain under specified conditions which increases the sugar quality and reduces the molasses purity. Apart from sugar quality improvement, Crystal plus  also helps to achieve better sugar recovery.

Impact of seed magma CV on the massecuite CV


Key design features and advantages

  • Increased sugar recovery by reduction of C molasses purity
  • Seed quality improvement
  • Reduced seed development time and increased strike speed
  • Improved centrifugal performance due to crystal uniformity
  • Lesser sugar recirculation to the process hence plant performance improvement
  • Easy implementation in existing plants
  • Designed according to ASME standards for operational safety and longer life
  • Fully automated


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