Carbonatation System

Carbonatation System

Considering the competition in the market with respect to the sugar quality for direct consumption, one important aspect is to choose a process for decolorization and clarification of melt which achieves maximum performance at optimum cost.  Sending the melt to the crystallization process with high color, non-sugars and  other impurities adversely affects the sugar crystallization process and consequently the refined sugar quality also suffers due to these impurities.

IPRO INDIA offers the Carbo plus carbonatation system, which is capable of eliminating a significant amount of color and other non-sucrose impurities along with removing the colloidal particles at lower operating cost when compared with other clarification technologies.

Carbonation System

Design Features and Advantages

  • Approximately 50% color reduction
  • Along with the color, other impurities e.g. turbidity, starch, gums, sulphates, phosphates and magnesium also removed to a large extent
  • Low operational cost
  • Efficient gas distribution with Richter tubes
  • Designed to handle process variations which provide operational flexibility without affecting the performance
  • Optimum residence time in order to prevent invert sugar destruction
  • Lower colour and floc free refined sugar
  • Suitable to integrate in the existing factories
  • Designed according to ASME standards for operational safety and longer life
Carbonation System _ Ipro India
  • Manufacturing under the supervision of highly skilled German & Indian engineers
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Suitable for all sizes of refineries

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