Cascade Continuous Pan

Cascade plus Cascade Continuous Pan

Being the largest vapour consumer in the sugar factory, the pan station is one of the most important areas to work on for plant optimization and to improve the energy economy.

IPROINDIA offers Cascade plus continuous pan, which overcome the limitations of conventional horizontal continuous pans i.e. improved circulation by stirrers in each compartment, very low steam temperature and improved energy economy because of operation on 3rd to 5th vapour, what is a prerequisite to achieve less than 30 % steam on cane.

A set of 5-6 pan compartments make a Cascade plus  continuous pan. Each pan is equipped with a high performance mechanical circulator providing efficient massecuite circulation in the pans, thus a high crystal content can be handled easily to optimize the centrifugal performance and improve the sugar yield.

Design Features and Advantages

  • High operational flexibility
  • Produces high quality sugar with very low percentage of fines and conglomerates
  • Improved sugar recovery due to the higher crystal content in the massecuite
  • Small hydrostatic head over the calandria
  • Operates with low pressure steam thus lower colour formation and low sugar losses
  • Allows very good energy economy by using 3rd to 5th vapour
  • Easy to bypass any of the compartments for cleaning. Therefore Cascade plus remains in operation throughout the season
  • Equipped with Pan plus automation system providing very good control separately for each compartment
  • Almost no dilution water requirement hence steam saving and capacity optimization
  • Design according to ASME standards for operational safety and longer life
  • Existing pans can also be retrofitted to convert them to Cascade plus depending on the design and quality of the pans
  • Manufacturing under the supervision of highly skilled German and Indian engineers
Cascade continuous pan
Sugar Industry
Cascade plus in operation at Almoiz Industries Ltd., Pakistan

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