Sugar Silos

Sugar Silos

The reinforced-concrete sugar silos proposed by IPROINDIA Engineering Group which is constructed with the slip form method and has a conical roof, again proved to be the better choice pricewise than alternative construction methods. In technological terms, this type of silo offers many advantages, including the possibility to use a number of proven charging systems.

The number of sugar silos we planned since the beginning of the year 2000 has now already risen to a total of nine. This confirms the confidence customers place in our capabilities and comprehensive detail-engineering work. Construction planning and structural design as core disciplines in silo planning, are complemented with processing engineering, equipment planning, and electrical and C & I engineering.

Our concept for planning silos: one task, one team, one point of contact for the customer.

Our silos capacity ranges from 40,000 tons to 85,000 tons.

Sugar silos by IPRO India
sugar silos

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