IPROINDIA is having a tie up with ProMtec Theisen GmbH, Germany. We are responsible for the sales and service activities of microwave density transmitter/brix analyser of ProMtec in India.

ProMtec Theisen GmbH, Germany is a leading supplier in the microwave transmitters for a precise industrial measurement of the density/concentration of liquids directly in the process.

The Microwave brix / density transmitter is an equipment for a precise industrial on-line measurement of the density/concentration of the liquid directly in the process. The instrument is attached directly where the measurement is taken so it is a perfect complete solution for individual measurement locations.


The microwave signal is conducted into the medium by the transmitter. The receiver collects the alleviated microwaves. The reference signal has the typical propagation without any influences. It is used as a comparison with the alleviated microwave signal, to calculate a phase shift or an attenuation. With this information a value for the water content, density or total dry matter content is calculated.


  • µ-ICC 2.45 Compact
  • AIO-Device: All-in-One microwave brix analyser

Installation arrangements

  • Flanged connection with CIP (Clean in place) for pipes and vessels
  • Flanged connection without CIP for pipes and vessels
  • Flat sensors for pipeline
  • Weld in socket for pipelines

Our services

  • Support in selection of right combination of probes & device
  • On-site / off-site technical support
  • Training for calibration & general maintenance
  • After sale service


  • Sugar (Juice, syrup, massecuite, milk of lime, melt)
  • Cement (Slurry, return slurry)
  • Dairy (skimmed milk, cream, cheese)
  • Distilleries (wort boiler)
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Paper
  • Various food processing units


  • On-line measurement of brix / density / concentration
  • Easy installation and calibration
  • Precision comparable with laboratory analysis
  • 4-20 mA signal output
  • Wide range of sensors/probes to cater different processes
  • Range 0-95 brix
  • AIO device can be calibrated via Bluetooth connection through mobile or PC
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