Direct Contact Heaters

Direct Contact Heaters

Direct Contact Heater is a heat exchange heater that works on the principle of counter current heat exchange. DCH is an alternative approach to the plate and tabular heaters. DCH plus Direct Contact Heaters offered by IPRO INDIA, are equipped with optimum internal design for better mixture of liquids and vapours. The direct contact heaters directly/indirectly play important role in energy saving. Over the years, these have become integral part of newly setup efficient sugar plants as well as existing plants being optimized. The main concept behind the design of the DCH plus Direct Contact Heaters is to handle higher load variations with minimal performance change. Compared to conventional heaters very little space, piping and structure is required. The heaters are designed according to ASME standards with SS 304 material.
Direct Contact Heaters

External Entrainment Seperator

There could be a significant sugar losses due to entrainment. Though, DCH plus design don’t allow entrainment, but still external separators is provided as added safety feature to avoid any sugar loss.

Operation With Low Pressure Vapour

DCH plus direct contact heater works at low temperature approach of 1oC whereas other heaters normal operate at 5-7oC.

DCH plus is an inline system which requires low pressure vapour in small amount to achieve desired temperature and hence steam is saved.

Application of DCH plus Direct Contact Heater

  • Scalding juice
  • Raw juice
  • Sulphited juice
  • Clear juice
  • Filtrate
  • Syrup
  • Melt
  • Liquor
  • Molasses conditioning


The efficient mixture of vapours and liquids enables the heaters achieving approach temperatures of 0.5 – 2 K. The vapour bleeding can be shifted backwards to make the process more steam efficient.

Features and Advantages

  • Low temperature approach
  • No cleaning required in running season
  • Constant performance
  • Simple design and easy operation
  • Low cost, easy to integrate with low space demand
  • Operates with low pressure vapors
Direct Contact Heaters

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