Condensate Flashing System

Condensate Flashing System

The condensate heat recovery system is widely installed nowadays as an energy saving equipment. The basic principle is to recover the heat by flashing from the condensate coming out from the heaters, evaporators and pans. This heat is utilised in the process house to cut down the exhaust steam demand. 

Cigar plus offered by IPRO INDIA  is a multi chambered horizontal condensate flashing system equipped with automation for reliable operation. Apart from the steam saving in the process house, the Cigar plus  also offers space saving, power saving and maintenance cost saving etc. There is no underground syphon / piling required in the Cigar plus Any underground arrangement is difficult to install and causes operational problems as well.  

Ipro India Condensate Flashing System

  The syphon arrangement for the sealing usually fails in case of high process fluctuations. Due to the absence of underground piling/syphon, the installation and operation of Cigar plus is very easy and reliable.

Design Features and Advantages

  • Designed according to ASME standards for longer life and operational safety
  • Maximum vapour separation from the condensate to maximize the heat recovery
  • Steam saving of upto 2.5 % on cane possible
  • Centralized condensate handling system
  • Fully automatic operation and easy to maintain
  • Designed to handle high process fluctuations
  • Easy to integrate in the existing or new factory setup
  • No underground piling or syphons required
  • Space saving
  • Power saving as single pump required for condensate removal
  • Man power optimization
Condensate Flashing System
  • High quality workmanship supervised by German & Indian engineers to ensure world class equipment quality
  • Light & sight glasses for operation review and manholes for internal inspection
  • Energy Efficient as flash vapours are used to save the equivalent amount of exhaust steam

  • Elimination of extra condensate tanks and pumps due to centralized condensate recovery system

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