Rotary Sugar Dryer & Cooler

Dryer plus  Rotary Sugar Dryer & Cooler

Storing sugar at the right sugar temperature and humidity is very important to avoid sugar caking. Therefore, the sugar temperature should be reduced to less than 6K above the temperature and the sugar moisture kept below 0.04 %. In many sugar mills the final temperature of sugar usually remains above 40 °C causing constant caking problems. In general, a lot of caked sugar is reprocessed which requires additional energy & efforts causing loss of revenues.

IPROINDIA’s rotary sugar dryer & cooler is designed for optimum sugar residence time and a drum diameter to preserve the final quality of a sugar curtain, which improves contact of sugar with the air flows, again improving the heat exchange efficiency. The breakage of crystals during the drying/cooling process in minimized.

Besides the traditional chain drive arrangement, Dryer plus alternatively comes with friction drives to reduce the annual maintenance cost as well as flexing and torsion of the drum body.

Design Features and Advantages

  • High operational flexibility
  • Sugar drying to 0.03-0.04% of moisture
  • Sugar cooling <6 K above ambient temperature
  • Curved fins of optimum size to ensure uniform spreading and efficient forward movement of the sugar
  • Optimum residence time in order to achieve the desired results
  • Minimum breakage and opacity of crystals
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Customised design as per environmental conditions
  • Hardened tires and wheels for longer operational life
  • Designed according to ASME standards for operational safety and longer life
  • Manufacturing under the supervision of highly skilled German & Indian engineers
  • Fully automatic operation
Rotary sugar dryer

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