Rotary Sugar Dryer & Cooler

Rotary sugar dryer

Dryer plus  Rotary Sugar Dryer & Cooler Storing sugar at the right sugar temperature and humidity is very important to avoid sugar caking. Therefore, the sugar temperature should be reduced to less than 6K above the temperature and the sugar moisture kept below 0.04 %. In many sugar mills the final temperature of sugar usually remains […]

Carbonatation System

Carbonatation System

Carbo plus Carbonatation System Considering the competition in the market with respect to the sugar quality for direct consumption, one important aspect is to choose a process for decolorization and clarification of melt which achieves maximum performance at optimum cost.  Sending the melt to the crystallization process with high color, non-sugars and  other impurities adversely affects […]

Sugar Silos

sugar silos

Sugar Silos The reinforced-concrete sugar silos proposed by IPROINDIA Engineering Group which is constructed with the slip form method and has a conical roof, again proved to be the better choice pricewise than alternative construction methods. In technological terms, this type of silo offers many advantages, including the possibility to use a number of proven charging […]

Seed Cooling Crystalliser

Crystal plus  Seed Cooling Crystalliser The quality of the seed material fed to the massecuite pans plays an important role in the product quality and performance of the pan station.  The Seed Cooling Crystalliser Crystal plus is an add on technology for the classical crystal grain pan. In order to optimize the pan station and to improve the sugar […]

Cascade Continuous Pan

Cascade Continous PAN

Cascade plus Cascade Continuous Pan Being the largest vapour consumer in the sugar factory, the pan station is one of the most important areas to work on for plant optimization and to improve the energy economy. IPROINDIA offers Cascade plus continuous pan, which overcome the limitations of conventional horizontal continuous pans i.e. improved circulation by stirrers in each compartment, […]

Open Nozzle Condenser

Ipro India Open Nozzle Condenser

Condenser pro Open Nozzle Condenser Open Nozzle Condensers are essential for the sugar industry to carry out the crystallization process under low pressure conditions. Apart from creating vacuum in the pans, condensers can play significant role to optimize the pan station improving the overall plant performance. IPROINDIA offers direct contact multiple entry open nozzle  condenser – Condenser pro for efficient […]

Microwave Brix Analyser

Microwave Brix Analyser

Microwave Brix Analyser IPROINDIA is having a tie up with ProMtec Theisen GmbH, Germany. We are responsible for the sales and service activities of microwave density transmitter/brix analyser of ProMtec in India. ProMtec Theisen GmbH, Germany is a leading supplier in the microwave transmitters for a precise industrial measurement of the density/concentration of liquids directly in […]

PAN Automation System


Pan plus  PAN Automation System The Pan Automation System is an innovative system to optimize the pan process. Pan plus automation system handles the whole strike from evacuation to discharge fully automatic, leaving no space for any operational flaw due to any human error. The system keeps the crystallization process stable throughout the strike to minimize false grain formation. […]

Condensate Flashing System

Ipro India Condensate Flashing System

Cigar plus  Condensate Flashing Systems The condensate heat recovery system is widely installed nowadays as an energy saving equipment. The basic principle is to recover the heat by flashing from the condensate coming out from the heaters, evaporators and pans. This heat is utilised in the process house to cut down the exhaust steam demand. Cigar plus offered […]

Falling Film Evaporators

Sugar Factory Equipment

FFE plus  Falling Film Evaporators The efficiency of the sugar plants depends to a large extent on the performance of its evaporators. The conventional Robert evaporators used in the most of the cane sugar factories work with high ΔT thus usually 1st or 2nd vapours are required for heating/ boiling of juice/ massecuite. Robert and Kestner evaporators allow […]