A guide for right investment

In contemporary project management Feasibility studies occupy a place of high importance.

A feasibility study helps to conduct an objective and rational analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of a plant.

It offers the chance to “Get It Right” before committing time, money, business resources to an idea that may not work out the way you originally planned, causing to invest more to correct to flaws, remove limitations and then simply try again.

In the sugar sector, IPROINDIA offers feasibility studies for

  • Greenfield projects
  • Process optimization/steam reduction measures
  • Plant modernisation
  • Capacity up-gradation
  • Sugar recovery increase
  • Debottlenecking
  • Co-Generation
  • Our services

  • Analyze the actual status of the plant
  • Heat and mass balance with SUGARS TM software
  • Capacity calculations
  • Equipment list
  • Investment calculation and step-wise breakup
  • General machinery layout
  • Benefits

    Review of existing status

    Usually 3-5 % of steam saving without major investment

    Short payback oriented

    Step-wise approach

    Elaboration of different operation scenarios

    Clarity on the future investment

    Bankable report (if required)

    Ideal investment decision: A big budget is not necessarily required to start with the project. We prefer to divide projects into different phases according to investment budget. It lowers each investment burden and enables our clients to earn profits even with small investment.

    Our feasibility studies report provides a clear road map to the management for future investments to enhance plant performance to achieve the desired targets.
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