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New Raw Sugar Refineries

IPRO Engineering group references
Studen-Agrana Sugar Refinery, Brcko, Bosnia Herzegovina
Capacity                             ~550 t/day
Our Services:                    Basic Engineering
                                            Detail Engineering
                                            Supervision of installation and commissioning

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Process engineering by IPRO India

Optimization of existing process & equipment

Whenever there is a discussion concerning the plant performance improvement or capacity increase, usually the first idea is to install energy saving/ additional equipment or implementation of modern technologies. Only a very few sugar factories consider to look inside to find the inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the existing process and equipment, but most sugar factories consider to go for new equipment for performance and capacity increase. Implementation of new equipment is not a bad idea, but it is an expensive approach.

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Transition of Pakistan Sugar Industry

Transition of Pakistan Sugar Industry
IPRO Group’s contribution to enhance the efficiency
Scenario of Pakistan Sugar Industry till year 2005
Process steam demand 48-65 % on cane

Sugar losses 2.5-3 % on cane

Boiler pressure <25 bar Refined sugar colour 45-70 IU Power export Nil

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IPRO 3D Plant design

Boiler capacity : A limitation in capacity expansion?

Sugar factories have often plans to expand the plant capacity but, in many cases, the boilers do not have sufficient capacity to handle the increased crushing capacity. In this case, the investment required to increase the plant capacity will be too high in one go when considering the big investment on a new boiler and turbine .

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Microwave brix analyzer

Microwave brix analyzer for the Sugar Industry

The ProMtec Microwave brix analyzer µ ICC 2.45 is an instrument for a precise industrial in-line measurement of the brix/ concentration of the sugar solution directly in the process. The instrument is attached directly where the measurement is taken. Therefore, it provides accurate representative process value.

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