IPROINDIA and staff members are active in various sectors; not only to achieve additional qualifications, but also to pass their own expertise on to others. This is how network of knowledge is created.

International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists (ISSCT)

ISSCT is an internationally active association of scientists, technologists and users of all aspects of the production of sugar cane and its processing to sugar and co-products.

The purpose of ISSCT is to provide a free and gratuitous exchange of knowledge and experience for sustained development, and to further the global production of sugar cane and its processing to sugar and a number of other useful co-products, such as electrical power for export, ethanol and molasses.

Dr. Boris Morgenroth, Director IPROINDIA is the member of the ISSCT Factory Engineering Section for 15 years, and also a long-term member of the German section of the ISSCT and was appointed chairman of this commission in 2014.

The Sugar Technologists’ Association of India (STAI)

STAI is an apex body of sugar industry professionals in India. The objective of the association is to promote knowledge of science and practice of sugar technology for persons following or studying of this profession and other kindred branches of science.

Mr. Harjeet Singh Bola, Managing Director is a life member of STAI. 

PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry

PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry is a multi-state apex organisation working at grass root level and with strong national and international linkages. The Chamber acts as a catalyst in the promotion of industry, trade and entrepreneurship. IPROINDIA is an active member of the Chamber in the region. Our members take part in the meetings time to time to promote the international trade.

Central European Graphics Users Group ( CEGUG )

The Cegug is association of users of Intergraph products from the areas of Process, Power & Marine from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Mr. Axel Cornelius from IPRO presides the German-speaking “3D plant planner” section of the cegug e.V. (Central European Graphic User Group) and he also presides the German TUF PEHM 3D ( Technical User Forum Piping Equipment HVAC and Modelling 3D) of the P2C2 (Process & Power Client Community). He is Vice Chairperson of the TUF S3D.


NAMUR is an international user association in process industries  of automation technology.  They have a pool of experience among its member companies along with compiling aids and check lists for member companies and to further defining the requirements new devices, systems and technologies in order to satisfy user needs participating in national and international standardisation bodies.

Sugar Industry Technologists Inc. (S.I.T)

Sugar Industry Technologists was founded in the United States in 1941 by members of various North American sugar refineries. Since then it has grown to an international association with a membership of over 500 member from around the world representing more than fifty different companies. The purpose of this corporation is exchange of information in the field of process engineering, quality control and environmental protection.

Mr. Thomas Stark from IPRO is the  member of S.I.T. He is an active participator in technical papers at the annual meetings that are held in May of each year.

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